All problems solved in the railway toilet

14, Sep 2017 By Gurdeep


It was a miracle for Manu Moradabadi. He was travelling in Indian Railways and got all his problems solved by a Baba Bengali. In his NOT FAKING WORDS “I could not believe the Tantric Baba’s speed. I was travelling to Hazrat Nizamuddin station from Haridwar junction. In the early hours, I felt nature’s call and immediately rushed to the toilet. Once I sat there comfortably, I noticed the poster of


claiming to solve all problems within minutes of calling. Not finding something interesting to do there, I decided to call. Baba received the call and asked my basic information and the reason for calling. In a bit of hurry, I told all my problems from the very petty income from security guard job to getting no attention from girls and the cruelty I suffer from my boss. Baba told me not to worry and that all my problems will disappear under his patronage (CHHATRA CHAYA).

Within minutes I received a call form an MNC seeking suitable candidates for security purposes. I am pretty sure that Tantric Baba recommended me there. In the next station, a very beautiful girl came and sit on the adjacent seat, and smiled to me. However it was only when I received the call from office regarding boss’s loose motion, I was fully convinced of Baba’s powers”. LONG LIVE BABA!