PTM: Parents' compulsion, guards' pain

20, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Irritated with the constant traffic jam persisting on the road just in the front of the school’s main gate, the two gate keepers were overheard cursing the presence of the disorderly crowd on account of the posh girls’ school second parent-teacher meeting here. They were so much annoyed with the vehicles’ surge on the road that they frowned at the trouble coming in their way. They were unable to control unnecessary block on the road’s whole length. Their exact reaction was that Ye Bawal Jaldi Khatm Ho, as they found no middle course to deal with the situation.

What was compulsory for the parents seemed to be Bawal for the school’s gatekeepers? The parents were so eager to reach the portals of the school at the right time allotted by the school authorities. Their impatience was writ large on their respective faces. They were not as restive as finding no space to even park their vehicles near the school’s entry gate. They had compellingly parked their vehicles at the distant spot. Another distress of completing a long distance also caused them weariness or tiredness.

By reaching the class teacher concerned they looked like a weary traveller but the pleasing part of the circumstances was running of the fans in the higher-roofed classroom. The class teacher was kind enough to clear the wards’ weaknesses very candidly. She not only cared about the students’ academic performance but also looked concerned for their good physical shape. She showed two girl students of her class whose body structure was as thin which sometimes desisted her in scolding them. She advised them to care much about their health. She insisted on following a balanced diet in order to increase the weight and strength. “Eat well” was her precise term for them. It was strictly required for the proper study and being punctual. What more surprised the parents was gentle teacher’s slenderness!