Sunday, 29th March, 2020

The question that made Andrew visit India again

01, Aug 2019 By silky7

Andrew Peterson, a Britisher, who recently visited Mumbai for a casual tour enquired a local Gyanchandar Thyamchander singh, a pan seller at colaba causeway regarding the time taken to reach virar from churchgate via local. Gyanchandar replied, “By the time you open your browser and log in to facebook, you will be in Virar”.

Andrew, after getting into the local opened his browser, Facebook, made 100 friends and 50 girl friends but didn’t reach virar.

Long later he lent a loan to visit India and enquire Gyanchandar why he had to lie to him.

The answer from Gyanchandar relieved the stress off Peterson’s head. Gyanchandar replied, he knew no other browser than INTERNET EXPLORER.