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Rahul's Nanihaal trip veils scant

15, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Children are happy at the news informing them of Rahul Baba’s visit to his Nani’s home in the far-off country of the southern side of the Alps Mountains if it is not wrongly written. They are always ready to go to the grandmother’s place simply because of some kind of special pleasure. They feel too good to learn of Rahul Baba’s affinity with his grandmother. But children are also regarding of their category showing strong tendency to go to their respective nannies’ houses. This scion of Gandhi family could think plainly like them. How could they approach him if they want to cheer him? It is a million dollar question. His great grandfather was Chacha Nehru for every child of the country.

As we know, children show a different tendency in younger days but our much-admired Rahul Baba is no longer touching the tender age. So what draws him to visit a distant destination leaving the agitating farmers in the lurch? He is after all vice-president of a very old political party. His responsibilities are far more than the naive children. He must have been acquiring just the same delight in visiting his nanny’s house which all the children secure during summer vacations. Of course, his simple heart is still childish that goads him to dash there. But India certainly needs an accountable political leader. Those who are currently below eighteen must attain the voting age for bringing Baba to power in 2019.

Thus, Rahul Baba would secure the support of two different groups of the voters. First the young group and secondly the older group consisting grandparents. This vacation at his nanny’s dwelling is going to prove what other politicians cannot imagine achieving as they are not able to think of that distinctive way. His vacation trip tells enough to the observant politicians. Rahul Baba seems to have been playing a trump card for his future political plans. His summertime excursion is supposed to be extending a signal to the opposition leaders continuously criticising and opposing him for the every word he utters time after time. Bon Voyage!