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Ramdev approached Dhinchak for Patanjali advertisement jingle

30, Nov 2017 By Panda Patrakaar

Baba Ramvdev’s Patanjali commercials are taking over television screens, second only to Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Sooryavansham’ in telecast frequency. This ad regime is all set to increase by one with Ramdev’s new product launch. After Patanjali Mango Drink, Baba Ramdev announced the launch of Patanjali Herbal Cold Drink in a recent press conference.

As far as the question of the advertisement jingle is concerned, Sonu Nigam was Patanjali’s first choice. “We wanted an artist who would resonate with the youth, because our target costumers are the youngsters. But ever since Sonu has gone bald, he has lost public appeal.”

"Mujhe bhi baat batao.."
“Mujhe bhi baat batao..”

It was then that Balkrishna suggested Dhinchak Pooja. “I was not very sure about an artist whose first name is ‘Dhinchak’… but I trust Balu. I approached Dhinchak on his recommendation.”

Ramdev said that he had been there only for two hours until Dhinchak Pooja was ready with the lyrics, music, beats, recording and the music video. “Bachchi kaamkaaji hai”, Ramdev stated in the press conference.

On being asked about his new product, Ramdev revealed that the manufacturing of the herbal cold drink would involve incense residue. Other ingredients were kept secret. Patanjali Herbal Cold Drink will be the best buy of the New Year 2018. Catch the advertisement on your television January 2018 onwards.

Meanwhile, Sonu Nigam has not taken the rejection in good spirits. “I would never have gone bald had I known that this would be the consequence. This was my one chance to revive my career and become popular among the youth”, he told fakingnews. Dhinchak Pooja remains unavailable for comment.