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Reliance JIO to continue free services on April 1

28, Mar 2017 By Pankaj Gaur

In a major announcement, Reliance Telecommunication has declared that it will continue providing free cellular services for another day after 31 March 2017. The move comes as major relief for a large section, especially the banking community who are busy in closure work for the financial year. Banker Surjit Patel quotes, “I barely have time to purchase groceries these days, forget about recharging phone. Now I will have to install all those apps again and search for discount coupons. Thankfully the deadline date has been shifted to after our own deadline date”. He adds that he will fasting on March31, observing the ongoing Navratras.

Reliance JIO's new April Fool gift to India
Reliance JIO’s exclusive April Fool gift to India

However the move is not as plain as it seems. Further investigation into the motivation of this announcement uncovered vicious motives.  Upon the condition of anonymity, a senior official Mukesh, who successfully recovered after his cancer treatment, told us that it is a big April Fool plan.  “The customers would be using the free data and call services throughout the day. We will even remove the 1 GB limit for that day. At the end of the day they will receive the message for the charges deducted for their usage. The post-paid customers too will be updated about their impending bill”, quoted Mukesh. He said the company had collaborated with NSA to record the reaction of people using the front camera of their smart phones.  “The trend of reaction videos is on rise and we plan to capture that market with this”.

Meanwhile other telecom companies do not want to be left behind and are coming up with similar innovative ideas. Airtel plans to offer “free” smart phones on recharge of 350 or above. However later in the day they will inform the customer about the pending EMIs they have to pay.  “We came up with this innovative idea of adding a nano scale # sign on our plan details. The implications of the sign are explained in the last page of offer sheet. Most of the customers barely see the second page of their exam question paper. I doubt anyone will care to go that far”, a junior clerk quoted.

The Consumer Forum has said that they will tackle such “cheap” tactics very strictly. They plan to alert the consumers about such malpractices with inconsiderate use of JAGOGRAHAKJAGO hash tag.