Thursday, 20th February, 2020

Risky transportation ails

25, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Transportation by any mode is not hundred percent secure. Even the use of much-advanced technology has no desired effects on checking the accidents, snags or problems. The controlling system is still not equipped with the full proof method.That’s why we come across the news of accidents on road travel, rail journey or air flight.Though much development has taken place in transportation, the safety remains still a major issue despite all the measures to minimise the numbers of accidents.

It is snugly not confined to either road journey or rail journey or air journey but even spread to the more advanced mode of the metro transportation system. The travellers were well aware of the accidents in all these means speedy transportation. They consider them as risky as these could be.

But now onwards even the faster metro journey is not so out of harm’s way and protected. The daily passengers shifted their priorities to the metro rail behind its quality of convenience. They saw less charge in moving from one place to another and reaching the destination on time.

This stands supported by the most recently published news-item, ‘7 injured after Delhi Metro steel girder falls in Ghaziabad’s Mohan Nagar.’ The accident took place at an under-construction foot-over-bridge at the Mohan Nagar Metro station on the Dilshad Garden-New Bus Adda corridor. This ill-fated incidence might create a sense of fear.

In the past days, we read an Air India flight AI-462 was carrying as many as 240 passengers from Amritsar to New Delhi developed some problem as its one window glass panel fell apart. It caused three passengers injury.

It was taken at least 15 minutes to refit the window glass. However, the passengers experienced a very traumatic time during the flight. Comfort and care were no longer available for travel by any mode.