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Salman Khan proves his innocence by bringing the 'allegedly shot' Blackbuck alive to court

30, Jan 2017 By manithan

Jodhpur: In an appearance that has shocked the Jodhpur court, actor Salman Khan walked before the judge with an alive blackbuck in his hand. Later, he is said to have claimed that he is carrying the same blackbuck which the court accuses him of killing.

It was the second day of hearing at the Jodhpur court and all four actors involved in the Blackbuck shooting case were again called to the court. While Saif and two actresses had walked out of their cars and rushed into the court premises, Bhai’s car slowed down before the press. With the whole media waiting to take a look at the Kick actor, the car door opened and Bhai slowly emerged hugging an animal close to his chest.

Salman Khan seated in the court along with the Blackbuck he is accused to have killed.
Salman Khan seated in the court along with the Blackbuck he is accused to have killed.

The whole of media gaped in shock as Salman slowly walked with Blackbuck licking his shoulder towards the court steps. “There was a sudden gust of wind and leaves and dust were being thrown at our eyes. But, Salman Khan kept on walking slowly, his eyes transfixed at the statue of justice perched atop the court. We could see Bhai’s eyes welling up with tears and few of them rolled down his cheek, only to be licked by the Blackbuck tucked in between his huge arms.”, a reporter later recalled the events surrounding Bhai’s appearance outside the court today.

A lawyer present in today’s hearing shared with us about what transpired inside the court. “When Salman went and sat with the blackbuck inside the court, the judge ordered him to let go of animal. But Salman stood up and replied that ‘this is the same blackbuck which you are saying that I killed’. The whole of the courtroom gasped in shock. Salman then left the blackbuck in the middle of the courtroom and with arms spread spoke to judge that ‘I am sorry, your honor. The blackbuck did not die of natural causes, as I had claimed yesterday. I did not want to harm this innocent animal by carrying it to this place. But, my fate has made me do this, for which I feel bad. Now, if you can prove that this is not the blackbuck that I shot dead that day, then I am ready to go to jail again’. Unable to reply, the judge then acquitted Salman Khan and ran away to his room crying.”

Once the news of Salman’s acquittal reached the whole nation, his fans rejoiced and celebrated. One Bhai fan who goes by the handle @salman4ever tweeted a photo of Salman carrying blackbuck along with Jesus carrying lamb, with the caption, “Dare to find at least one difference between these two photos.”