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Sanju's sequel Sallu coming to your nearest footpaths soon

11, Jul 2018 By abhismitaju

Inspired by the success of Sanju, Bhai has approached Rajkumar Hirani to make his own biopic, which will be called “Sallu”!

Here are excerpts from its plot.

Bhai as in Salman Khan, who is a bad boy, with a heart of platinum, grows perturbed by everyone’s expectations, which overburden him. But Bhai never loses his focus, as Bhai is a saint, he does so much of charity.

Soon, Bhai’s father marries a dancing diva, while still being married to Bhai’s mother. This heartbreaking experience causes Bhai to have deep implications, such as turn into an abusive boyfriend, who loves his rape jokes, fat shaming, threat calls and more. But Bhai also arranges a livelihood for all his girlfriends, as Bhai is a saint, he does so much of charity! Bhai Rocks.

Innocent Duo
Innocent Duo

The friendly soul, Bhai is, he soon meets some young man called Biplab Kumar Deb. Given the strong foreseeing capabilities, Bhai is blessed with, he realizes, one day, his new friend Biplab, will bring an end to years of a left regime in some part of the country and be the most well read Chief Minister, the country has ever had. Bhai’s new friend Biplab, tells him that Marich, akka, the shape shifting deer of Ramayana, still lives, in fact, he is the one, who has carried internet from the Ramayana days to Kaliyuga, but owing to the corruption and scams in the Kaliyuga, now he has turned to a black buck. Altruistic Bhai, spots the black buck soon and realizes he must bring its end, before it is instrumental in abduction of more Sitas and does a favor on the human species by killing it. However, the courts and the media, misunderstand his great deed and keep trying him from time to time. However, through his great deeds and charity, Bhai emerges victorious from all, as Bhai is a saint, he does so much of charity.

But, nothing can alleviate the scene of Marich, akka the black buck’s last moments from Bhai’s mind. “I will return, sleeping on a pavement and destroy your family!” Marich, had said. But, the valiant Bhai decides, he must put an end to Marich, for the welfare of the civilization once and for all. He remembers, Biplab’s words, that he is the chosen one. And, thus, when one night, while driving, he spots Marich in disguise on a pavement, he not only triumphantly tramples him underneath his car, like Lord Rama, had defeated Marich, he also injures, Marich’s accomplices, lying alongside him on the pavement. Manipulative media and corrupt courts try Bhai again, but supported by his friends such as scholars like Abhijeet Bhattacharya, legendary actresses like Sonam Kapoor and successful actors such as Bobby Deol, Bhai is freed from his vanvas or jail term of 43 hours. ”

Can’t wait to watch Sallu! Coming to your nearest footpaths, that is cinema halls soon.