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SBI branch allowed customer inside office during lunch hours, Customer plea for CBI inquiry

20, Jul 2018 By Shivv Tiwari

In a shocking turn of events, another task was added in the ‘To-do List’ of CBI personals yesterday when Ghaziabad resident Puttan Singh demanded a CBI inquiry from the government, when his local SBI branch allowed him to come inside office premises during lunch hours.

He almost got a heart attack in first place when he was allowed the entry by the employee
He almost got a heart attack in first place when he was allowed the entry by the employee

It was a usual lazy Saturday afternoon for Puttan, when her wife, Punita, reminded him for the 108th time to link his aadhar with the pan card. Like an obedient Indian citizen, he finally decided to get it done in his nearby SBI branch, where he is maintaining his recently opened account. On reaching there he found that the branch shutter was down. He soon realized his mistake when he looked at his watch. Expecting the usual answer ” Abhi lunch time hai, kal ana” , (We are having lunch right now, come tomorrow ) he turned around to come back later.

Suddenly he felt the ground slipping under his feet when he heard someone say ” Andar aa jao sir” (come inside sir !) . He turned around to see the bank’s peon requesting him to come inside. More to his amazement, the bank officials were smiling at him when he went inside. Not believing anything he saw, he waited there, while the employees had their lunch. As soon as they were done, he linked his aadhar and left. He ran to the nearest police station and informed the inspector that he was having doubts about the authenticity of the bank. Hearing the whole incident, Inspector Ramesh Tiwari didn’t believe his ears. He quickly informed the higher authorities to start a probe, as to whether the bank is authentic SBI bank or not.

When our reporter asked Puttan why he was having such doubts, he replied , ” I knew there was something fishy when they smiled at me. They looked at me in the eye and smiled. There is some big racket going on. I am going to close my account by tomorrow.”

The latest development in the case is that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered CBI to take the case on top priority and close it quickly.

Faking news was unable to contact the SBI branch, as they were having lunch and they refused to open the gates this time.