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Scary halloween for followers as Baba Ramdev turns up clean shaven for yoga session

31, Oct 2014 By @jurnoleast
Haridwar. It was a scary halloween morning for followers of Baba Ramdev as he turned up clean shaven for the morning yoga session at his ashram in Haridwar.

Followers were seen discussing amongst themselves about the presence of a handsome man on the stage which is usually occupied by Baba Ramdev till someone from the ashram clarified that it was Babaji himself with a clean shave.


​When asked, Baba jokingly replied that he got the clean shave to show his committment for PM’s Swach Bharat campaign. But according to insiders, Baba has a skin condition which required him to get rid of his beard and undergo allopathic treatment which Baba refuses to acknowledge as it would undermine the efficacy of his ayurvedic medicines.

But not many are complaining and Baba’s female followers are a happy lot.

Neha Verma, a 30 yr old teacher and also regular at Baba’s yoga session said that yoga session were frequented usually by older men and there were no handsome faces around. Baba’s new look is definitely a thumbs up.

However, critics of Ramdev said that the yoga guru was doing this to appeal western audience and increase his empire as PM Modi looks to put paint on global canvas by observing world yoga day.

Some went to the extent of saying that Baba may also look for modelling opportunities in future.
Which way Baba Ramdev and his yoga vidya goes is something which only Baba can tell.