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Secular parties now demand a ban on Temple Run, branding it to be communal

19, Aug 2015 By chachachaudhary

In order to appease minorities and protest against the communal BJP government now secular parties now collectively have demanded a ban on android game Temple Run. A secular spokesperson representing a group of secular parties Moorkhanand Dsuza Khan stated, “Why has the game been named Temple Run? Why not some other places of worship? Either its name should be changed to Church Run, Mosque Run or Gurudwara Run or it should be banned completely. This is clearly a conspiracy of RSS to promote communalism.”

Our Faking news reporter Bonobos countered Moorkhanand, “But if temple Run flourished during the secular UPA government regime; why are you people blaming the BJP government? Why did the earlier secular UPA government not put a ban on it?”

Do you see how this 'Saffron Orange Monster' is laughing? He is none but RSS' Hindu Saffron Terrorist.
Do you see how this ‘Saffron Orange Monster’ is laughing? He is none but RSS’ Hindu Saffron Terrorist.

Moorkhanand answered, “Although Temple Run started and flourished during secular UPA regime; people did not used to enjoy it much because at that time most of the smart phones had only 265MB to 512MB RAM. Only few privileged ones had 1GB or more of RAM. So it cannot be blamed on secular UPA. When BJP came into power, 2GB of RAM was widely available on smartphones which led to widespread addiction of Temple Run. In the form of protests we will procure Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3315 mobiles of lower configuration and then play Temple Rrun on it. Lets then see how the runner reaches to the temple. Rahul Baba was always against Temple Run hence played candy crush only from the beginning. And after the porn ban by BJP people are spending more and more time on Temple Run.”

The entire nation waits for an exclusive rationale of the Aadarsh Liberal community. One of the elitists Adarsh Liberals responded, “It is not clear in the game whether the runner is running towards the temple or running away from the temple. We refrain to comment till we clarify that thing from IMANGI (studios the creators of temple run). Look we don’t accuse or blame without any proof. If the runner is running away from the temple; we support him. But if he is running towards the temple; he is finished!”

Noted secular journalist Charkha Bhagat said, “This is the darkest era in the history of Indian secularism. With the advancement of technology and smartphones with 4GB RAM, BJP and RSS people have literally saffronised the entire nation through ‘Temple Run”. The world class graphics, super-fit bodies of runners and adrenaline rush have led people hooked to Temple Run. Look runners run so fast still they don’t reach anywhere. When you look at determination and focus reflected on runners’ face in the game; one can clearly see they have been brainwashed by RSS people. Even if the runner is chased by demonic monkeys; the runner runs passionately towards the temple. PM Modi should resign on this.”