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Selfie addict approaches High Court for getting assistance of Kanoon Ke Lambe Haath

11, Sep 2015 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Ahmedabad. State High Court witnessed an unusual incident yesterday. In a strange motion, a young man approached the High Court with a temptation to get legal help in taking selfies.

Kaanoon Clown Ke Lambe Haath, for excellent Selfies
Kaanoon nahi toh Clown Ke Lambe Haath, for excellent Selfies

Filmesh Theateriya (name not changed for the sake of publicity), an unemployed commerce graduate, who also happens to be a “Selfie-Addict”, explained his weird motive to Faking News team: “Hum sab (filmo main) bachpan se sunte aaye hai ki Kanoon ke haath bade lambe hote hain. Maine socha kyun na iss lambe haath ka upayog Selfie ke liye kiya jaaye?

Filmesh, who is having 3 Facebook accounts with different names (and gender) is fond of clicking selfies and also uploading them online at least 7 times a day, per account. To maintain the uniqueness of each Selfie clicked, Filmesh keeps trying new angles, positions and places.

He told Faking News team that in order to take a “likes attracting” Selfie, one needs to raise his hand as long as possible so that it covers his unshaven face with orange coloured Ray Ban replica and also faces of girls standing behind. He also sometimes tags random girls to those background faces. He added that he had a burning desire to have 100+ likes on at least one of his Selfies and just because of this, he decided to approach the State High Court to have that Like Attracting Long Handed Selfie.

Meanwhile our team traced out Filmesh’s Facebook profile and found that his latest Selfie which was clicked in a Sulabh Shauchalaya had attracted no more than 10 likes and 4 comments, 3 of which were posted by boys in obscene language.