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A semi nude man on the streets of Bengaluru went unnoticed: K'taka Home Minister blames the women for not appreciating a man's body adequately

08, Jan 2017 By sourajeet pradhani

After the mass molestation incident that took place on the New Year ’s Eve in Bengaluru, a semi nude man was seen meandering on MG Road. The man went unnoticed by the pedestrians, especially the women, who were busy doing their own stuff.

In an interview to the press, Karnataka’s Home Minister blamed the females of Bengaluru for not appreciating a man’s body adequately. According to him, by doing so, the females have brought shame to the city. This incident had various repercussions. Men from Bengaluru were not preferred by women in various matrimonial sites. Men in Bengaluru have stopped going to the gym and consider it as a waste of time. They have lost the only incentive of hitting the gym.

"Can't keep mum"
“Can’t keep mum”

No Bollywood celebrity or cricket superstar has come to the rescue of this man, except Deepika Padukone. Deepika tweeted, “His body, his choice”.

But the political fraternity was quick to cash on the issue to score brownie points. Arvind Kejriwal blamed ‘demonetization’ for the man’s helplessness. Nitish Kumar did some chest thumping stating that the man was under the influence of alcohol and that similar scenes are not witnessed in Bihar due to ‘prohibition’ imposed by him. Finally BJP MP Sakshi Mahajan claimed that the women at the time of the event were muslim girls from Pakistan.

From our sources, it is heard that an FIR was lodged against that man yesterday night. It is rumored that the FIR was lodged by Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. She thought that the man was about to defecate in the open and vehemently opposed such an action.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the man to the sudden turn of events.