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After sky rocketing Tomato prices, an Apple will now be known as poor man's tomato says an economic survey

19, Jul 2017 By RT

India. The price of tomatoes have sky rocketed in the past few days and is currently selling at rs.200 per kg at some places. This has serious implications for the economy. Now, an apple will be known as poor man’s tomato, a recent economic survey report read.

“Gone are the days, when we look fondly at a sack of tomatoes and marvel at the sight of poor man’s apples. Most of the times, a tomato juice used to be more tasty than an apple juice. Now, we will have to settle down for an apple juice due to the high prices of tomato. I have even learnt how to make sambar with apples” a regular visitor to the market in Vashi, a Mumbai suburb, told Faking News.

Checking the new tomato
Checking the new version of tomato

“In our city, we used to refer to the good looking actresses as apple-coloured beauties. From this week, the tag will be something like tomato-heads. When we say Thakkali – a tomato in Tamil – it almost sounds like a bad word. With the recent price hikes, tomato has factually become a bad word for the entire country” a Chennai resident told our reporter.

“Tomato does not grow in tress. So does money. How can we afford tomatoes? If Sasikala demands tomato sambar every day for lunch, we can understand. She had allegedly paid rs.2 crores for the privilege. How can an ordinary citizen do that? Tomatoes are red. Red is danger. Economically, we refer to the current situation as ‘Tomato, thy name is danger” an amateur economist and an amateur lyricist, a rare combination even among amateurs, told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the elite, rich and proud society now asks only for a tomato juice in restaurants, it is learnt by Faking News and the survey jointly.