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Software Engineer resigns; returns his offer letter citing 'growing intolerance'

30, Oct 2015 By Anshul Gupta

The fever of returning awards against ‘growing intolerance’ has gripped private sector too. In first-of-its-kind incident, Narayan Swaminathan, a software engineer working with a reputed multi-national IT company in Bengaluru resigned and returned his offer letter letter to the company. He attributed his resignation to the general perception that intolerance is on the rise in the country.

Working Employee
Narayan posting on social media about his noble cause.

“See buddy.. I am a normal middle class IT professional. Except FB or Twitter, I don’t know what’s happening in the country. But when writers, film makers, scientists are returning their awards, there must be something they would have They said that this Modi fellow is increasing the intolerance. Frankly, I have never won anything. I haven’t ever been a class monitor or even a member of class cricket team. But I wanted to contribute to this noble cause in my way. So all I had was my offer letter”, said a teary eyed Narayan, proud of his action.

“I went to HR with original offer letter that I had got laminated when I received in 2007. The stupid HR fellow refused to take back my offer letter thinking that I have gone nuts. The same fellow didn’t give me increment and now he was denying my fundamental right. See how intolerance has grown up! So, I decided to resign”, Harish elaborated.

When asked about his future course of action, Narayan said ,”I don’t know man! I am thinking of applying for other companies. After all, if those writers and artists can write more books and make more movies after returning the award, what’s wrong in me joining another job!!”.