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Stop faffing around, trains on faulty track

27, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Stop faffing around, the trains are losing reliability these days. If one boards a train, one cannot be sure of reaching one’s destination definitely. The train can take the passengers in any direction as its faulty signalling system is doing this feat. Just the latest one is the special train booked for Maharashtra stuck at Banmor station in Madhya Pradesh. It covered a total length of 160 kms on wrong track from Mathura. Though Agra Division PRO Sanchit Tyagi has maintained that the train’s route was changed owing to heavy traffic at Kota, there was nothing wrong.

As the train was to reach Kolhapur via Mathura, Kota, Surratt and Mumbai to Kolhapur, it continued to sprint on the wrong route of Agra, Gwalior and Morena in Madhya Pradesh.  The Banmor railways station exists in Morena district.  When the stranded passengers contacted the station master he pleaded ignorance for the route plan. Disturbed with this only one of its kind, the passengers with a shrewd and somewhat searching scheme created a ruckus by halting a goods train. Filled with the struggling spirit the passengers ran out of endurance by this unexpected situation. The directionless train stood standstill for more than one and a half hour at its altered route railway station.

Late running, faulty signalling, fragile tracks are some of the several reasons coming in the way of incompetent train’s traffic. Leave aside the cases of accidents; these basic things were certainly causing infamy to the people’s best mode of inland transportation. Exactly in what capacity the trains offer it selves to be of use to the passengers they are at a loss to imagine precisely. The conditions were perfectly plain and the train’s driver admitted to shifting in the signal. Where was the train’s guard who failed to understand the whole situation?