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Student who survived canteen food in a hostel finally discloses his secret

03, May 2018 By Vishal

In one of it’s kind an engineering student named Birju ,who has achieved an impossible target he says he had set in the first year of his college itself, has finally revealed his secret. Birju who is fondly called The Tasteless by his colleagues has never eaten out during his entire college years and has totally been surviving on hostel’s Canteen food.

Cow dung cake with vanilla
The living legend Birju

He says the main inspiration behind his dedication was a women who’s love constantly pushed him to eat in the Canteen. He adds he didn’t get enough money from Home and has a girlfriend to spend his entire pocket money on and he believes in the philosophy of no pain no gain. He firmly believes that one has to endure pain in life to be successful , be it getting a job or buying a costly gift for your girl.

After being asked that why he did not think about getting a part time job so that he’d  have some money to spend he smiles and says he’s hardly left with any time for that as he’s busy talking to his girlfriend over phone for most of the time. He also talks about practicing yoga as it helps control your taste glands and he’s reached a level where he can actually make his tongue numb while eating feeling no taste at all.

While many juniors in his college have already started following his foot steps, the college administration has decided to award him for his achievement. The guy will receive foodpanda coupons so that he can order food from outside. Birju was all in tears while receiving the coupons. We also had a chat with the cook in the Canteen who says Birju has really done a great job because even he can’t eat the food himself and prefers ordering from outside.