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Student tries researching project, suffers amnesia after pressing letter ‘F’ in browser

09, Nov 2017 By Janardhan Pashupati

BANGALORE (THE REAL FAKE NEWS)- Unable to explain how this kept happening, 2nd year student Avanti Sharma says that every time she goes presses  the letter ‘F’ into her Google Chrome browser, she would wake up 4-6 hours later, sitting at the same spot, with no memory of the previous few hours.

“With the start of the new trimester, I was interested to start looking into the project topics I’d been given for my courses. Like all students, I always submit well-researched, original projects on time. However, every time I went to my Chrome browser to begin research by Googling a topic, through some dark magic my hand would shift over and press the ‘F’ key, and then the Enter key, and from that point on it’s all a blank” she recalled, horrified.

She went to her doctor, but the doctor started giving her a lecture about ‘kids these days’ and her eyes glazed over and she didn’t listen. At one point, she even considered switching over from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, but after a few deep breaths calmed herself down, saying “there’s no need to go completely crazy”. She still hasn’t been able to find a solution to the problem, but in the meantime, has reportedly enjoyed a lot of dank memes.

At press time, an eerie, evil laughter could be heard in the background, and was later found out to be Mark Zuckerberg, who has been hiding in the college’s big server, last updated in 1991.