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Students vow to shine in exams

30, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘Work hard, Revise attentively,’ suggested the class teacher to the students at the parent-teacher meeting. As the Board examinations are just a few months away thorough preparation is the only course to get through. The students will have to appear at the tests till they do not emerge successful in securing the better marks. It is a must for appearing at the preliminary examinations at the school level prior to the final Board examinations. This has been made clear to the mediocre students’ parents even.

Sidd might have been any age over fourteen. She being a tall, thin girl with dark hairs, rather silent looked worried at her result. Her boiled gooseberry eyes were balanced on her small face at an equal position. She wore a rather depressed-looking school dress. Her mother looked at her rather vacantly as she reached her home from distant school. The girl settled down again to what was evidently a laborious task of bracing herself for the ensuing examinations.

It was too good to prepare for the fights in order to reach the battle of the final examinations. There were above three months in the declaration of the ultimate date. There is need to confront with this coming ‘dreadful’ situation. Perhaps, the student-examination link appears more like doctor-prescription. Just as the uneasy examinees try to secure the marks on their answers in the examination copies so as the poor patients take the doctor’s prescription up in all good faith.

In case of anything adverse, they do not hesitate in directly blaming the doctors for the mistakes in every possible way. That girl rather redder in the face was not the only one in losing the examination struggle with the prescribed texts. She has certainly not lost confidence in her. Asserting upon a new and much-unexpected resolution in view of the approaching battle, she considered of very carefully something definite to go upon.