Saturday, 20th April, 2019

Sub registrar refuses to register marriage: insists on pre wedding photo shoot.

10, May 2018 By santhosh kudva

Neha and Vikas, a newly married couple were in for a rude shock when the sub registrar in their area refused to register their marriage. “we went through the check list many times, made sure we missed nothing” lamented Vikas to this reporter. “The form duly filled in, address proof, ID proof, the wedding invite, the photo showing us smiling at the wedding, everything”. “we even carried enough 100 Rs notes and a flask of tea for the sub registrar and his minions” added Neha. “we thought we had everything covered when the officer said “picture dikhaao”. we showed him the wedding photo to which he said “yeh wali nahi, woh wali, jo aaj kal sabhi log karte hain”. I told him we cannot share our honeymoon pictures and expressed our disbelief at his strange request. He said he is not asking for them either and said that he is looking for the one before the wedding. Thankfully Vikas was carrying our engagement pictures too, just in case. The officer was still not satisfied, and he clarified further saying “ped ke peeche, samandar ke kinare”. We now understood he is asking for the pre wedding photo shoot, which is becoming the rule than the exception, these days. We had to come home disappointed, since we didn’t bother going through that nonsense. Little did we know our carelessness was going to cost us now”.

We caught up with the sub registrar for his side of the story. “it is true i refused to register their marriage. I cannot understand how and why a couple could ignore the most crucial evidence of togetherness, the pre wedding shoot. everyone does it these days, in fact couples appear happier there than in their wedding photo.” said the sub registrar.

Meanwhile, the Association of Amateur Photographers, also called AAP, lauded this move by the Sub registrar. “our photographer forefathers who were woefully out of work somehow managed to convince the public how important it is to preserve memories of special days in their lives. The present generation of photographers is taking it to a different level, and somehow couples seem to be taking the bait buying into the idea” said Nikunj Kannan, President of AAP. Nikon Canon, as he prefers to be called, adds “we have to keep innovating, else how are we going to get returns on our expensive cameras investments?” when asked if he was talking about some new technology, he smiled at the reporter’s ignorance, “no, nothing like that. With the present generation, we hardly have to resort to technological innovation to cash in on their gullibility. We are exploring the possibility of approaching the judiciary to make pictures of couples fighting mandatory as evidence for divorce by mutual consent” said Canon, and rushed to his next photo shoot.