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Sukriti loses Rs.20000 after failing to stand up to the heat

26, May 2018 By Jyoti

The temperatures of every city are increasing in India,but we would rather proudly mention here the name of our very own beautiful city, our New Delhi. Yes, you heard that right. After scorching our bodies in the extremely cold weather of Delhi, it is now time to get some heat.And the gleaming sun never disappoints us. It has raised its scorecard to 46 degrees this year. However, it is difficult to know the Sharma ji’s son to which he may be competing in the universe to get good marks in terms of temperatures. Nevertheless, summer has finally arrived in Delhi.

Girls in their typical summer shield; which didn't help Sukriti this summer
Girls in their typical summer shield; which didn’t help Sukriti this summer

The rising temperature may bother us, but is a boon to many of the bettors. A young girl named Sukriti, aged 35 years (in Delhi, it is illegal to say “woman”) was caught amidst this evil game of betting. She thought she could stand the heat outside easily for 1 minute. Sukriti attempted moving out for 30 seconds several times earlier, but this was the first time that she was thinking of doing something big. So, she put on all her lotions, sunscreen, sunglasses and anything that involved sun in it.

Anyhow, the game started with a lot of boozing all around. Sukriti was there standing right outside back-facing the sun. It was 45 seconds into the game when the girl dozed off. It brought some respite to the bettors who thought they had lost it to Sukriti.

So, the game is still open. Come and try your luck anytime it at Connaught Place, Block D Inner Circle. We’ll be happy to announce a winner someday.


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