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Sunburn protester found busy learning Garba for Navratri

03, Sep 2018 By Ms. Buch

Pune: Reports on recent arrest of members of Satan Sansthan.

Practicing some steps
Protest evolves international

In a recent arrest of pro Hindu activists who peacefully opposed music festival held in cities like Goa and Pune, reports have come out that they will be soon paroled for upcoming music festival held in Gujarat.

One of the activists was allowed to share his thought on this whole music festival culture.

He came up with very valid reasons for protesting against such events.

He explained “playing music and gathering crowd late in the night is against Indian culture. Moreover, younger generation get together to have fun time for a week, enjoying with their friends, absorbing quality music which is completely ruining future of India.”

When asked for more information on who all were involved in the protest, this activists from Satan Sansthan was not able to provide insight as he had to focus on learning Garba steps for upcoming music festival of Gujarat.