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Sunny Deol to be appointed as Indian Army Chief to counter Pakistan: Modi

31, May 2017 By Aman Rana

29th May, Delhi: After a long discussion between the Defence Ministry and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has been collectively decided that Sunny Deol will be appointed as the next chief of the Indian Army after many “Kadi Nindas” to make more surgical strikes on Pakistan.

Earlier in his career, Sunny Paji has been able to fight Pakistan single handedly in Gadar and Border as well. In Border he played the role of fierce Major Kuldip who was solely responsible of defeating Pakistan even with limited resources.

"Kasam Handpump ki, Hindustan Zindabad Pakistaniyon se bulva ke rahunga"
“Kasam Handpump ki, Hindustan Zindabad Pakistaniyon se bulva ke rahunga”

Defence Minister, Arun Jaitely stated that such officers a rarely found and the way Sunny Paaji has shown courage and strength by pulling out hand-pump and firing missiles was commendable. If he takes up the charge of the army, we can easily manage Pakistan’s activity.

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has said that the hand-pump in Gadar was installed by BJP and party members. It was easy to pull out because it was made of plastic. This is a clear case of fraud and the matter should be investigated. Manish Sisodia has stood in support of his CM and presented a plastic hand-pump in the Parliament which he easily fixed on the floor and pulled out with one hand asserting Kejriwal’s words that the one used in Gadar was a fraudulent hand-pump.

However, the decision has been taken and it will be interesting to see how Sunny Deol will be handling things and how Pakistan surrenders in front of Indian.