Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Supreme Court allows protests in Aeroplanes, but only during take-off and landing.

06, Sep 2018 By Kannan

Prashant Bhushan, the man who made his career successful out of PILs had once again knocked on the doors of Supreme Court yesterday night.

As the learned lawyer personally called five senior most judges requesting an urgent hearing to avoid a constitutional crisis, all Judges assembled at the court in the wee hours of today.maxresdefault

Trying hard to hide his annoyance over being woken at the middle of the night, CJI asked Mr Bhushan, what the crisis was.

“The Constitution, that is fundamental foundation to our country is in danger, MeLord”, Mr Bhushan made a grand opening statement, beaming into the television camera of NDTV. “The Tamilnadu government, which is a stooge to the fascist BJP ruled Central government is closing down all the vents of Democracy. The Democracy in India is throttled and is gasping to breathe”.

CJI: Will you please stop the theatrics and talking in circles please. Come to the point and tell us what the problem was.

PB: Sofia Lois, one poor Tamil student belonging to minority community studying in Canada started venting out her frustration when she saw ‘Tamilisai Soundararajan’ president of fascist BJP’s state unit in the same aeroplane she was travelling to Tuticorin.   She expressed her dissent by shouting “Down with Modi, BJP-RSS fascist government”. Instead of appreciating the research scholar’s attempt to keep the noble symptoms of Democracy alive, Tamilisai complained against the young leader Sofia Lois.

CJI: So?

PB: Immediately after the plane landed, police arrested the innocent research scholar only because this girl from minority community raised slogans against the ‘fascist’ BJP government.

CJI turned to the Attorney General who tried to smile but failed miserably.

AG: Me Lord, Aeroplane is not Jantar-Mantar to shout and protest against any fellow passengers. What she said and whether it was for or against any person or government is not relevant to this case. The police are bound by the law to file a case against her and their action was validated by the court, when the girl was sent to remand. Of course, she got bail later, as per the law.

PB: I object your honour. The Accountant General, who receives his salary from this fascist government is behaving like a caged parrot repeating the lies spread by the BJP.

CJI: He is Attorney General, Not Accountant General. Even my salary is paid by the same government. Do you call me also a stooge?

PB shocked and was at loss of words. Before he replied, CJI asked him “What exactly you do want from this court?”

PB: A ruling from you that protests are allowed inside the aeroplane Me Lord. Only to prevent further misuse of law and arrest innocent female, minority scholars.

CJI: Do you think protests inside aeroplane should be allowed?

PB: Your honour, you only said that dissent is an essential vent in democracy.

CJI: So, you inferred my statement that everyone can protest anywhere?

PB: Not anywhere and everywhere me Lord. Only inside aeroplanes.

CJI inhaled deeply and sighed before pronouncing the judgement.


  1. Hereby it is proclaimed that inside the aeroplane protests are allowed subject to following conditions.
  2. One can only protest during take-off or landing. One shall inform the flight attendants his or her intention to protest so they can tie the hands backsides.
  3. If the flight is taking off, protestor shall stand near the cockpit facing front. If the flight is landing, protestor shall stand between the loos at the back, facing the tail of the plane.
  4. While protesting, the protester shall not fall down.
  5. If the protestor falls, fine of ₹ One Lac be levied, which would be credited into the PM’s relief fund.
  6. If the protestor sustained any injuries because of such falls during protests inside aeroplane, no relief from insurance company (even from personal medical policies) be provided.

Prashant Bhushan immediately ran to the podium saying “Objection Me Lord. You are simply scuttling the voices. I protest this judgement”

CJI turns to the police standing nearby and says “Take him into custody and send him to 15 days police remand”. Then CJI turns to Prashant Bhushan and says “Advocate Bhushan. I allowed protests only inside aeroplanes. Not inside Court Rooms. You may argue further when the police present you to magistrate tomorrow afternoon. Till then, Bye”.