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Supreme court verdict : Indian Housewives to be Paid

06, Sep 2017 By Poonam Sharma

After years of long wait, Supreme Court of India passed a landmark verdict declaring right to remuneration as a fundamental right of Indian Housewife.

The apex court by 4-1 decision, made it mandatory for Indian men to provide wages to their housewives for all the household services provided by them. Centre has told the bench, it will soon form a committee to finalize on the details of FLEXIBLE compensation plan .Court has also made it mandatory, that working housewives are entitled to 3 leaves a month.

Both parties in the house need to sign an agreement. The signatures must be acknowledged either by 2 witnesses or a notary public to verify its credibility. The affidavit letter must be submitted to the court. The Supreme Court has issued directions to the court to scrutinize all affidavits pertaining to this matter And reject those which don’t conform to the right of Housewives remunerations.

For years in this patriarchy society, the Indian housewives have been obligated to comply with their morale responsibility of working for 24*7 days a year without enjoying any weekend /national/public holidays. It’s her duty to work FREE for her husband, children and husband’s family in the name of showering all the love for her near and dear ones.

In return the husband does provide the basic needs i.e. food, clothing and shelter to which the housewife is entitled to. If she is lucky to have a good husband then a verbal appreciation as well.

40 years old   Reshma Khan (name changed), who has been the victim of a bad marriage for years is often been criticized for not earning a dime, now hopes to earn and be bread winner for her family.

Asha Shrivatsav, who works in a multinational firm believes the verdict will FINANCIALLY  empower all the “non-working” housewives and help them achieve self-respect /reward for the work they have been doing for the welfare of their family , society and thus the nation.

However, there is an acute criticism by Indian men’s society as it can be used as a tool to harass them ,expressed dissatisfaction and even questioned if the  same rights will be available to house husbands ?  Few Legal experts suspect that the implementation of the verdict is bound to fail and create unnecessary issues in family affairs.

Very few husbands have welcomed the decision as it will imbibe the confidence in their wives and make them feel worthy and equal to them. It will also encourage husbands to take up household chores to avoid paying more thus creating a balance in amount of work done by men and women.

The verdict will benefit all the Indian housewives who have been tirelessly working without any monetary reward.

It aims to lessen the economic disparity and results in employment generation for housewives. It won’t be wrong to say, that is one step further in direction ” to achieve the larger goal of gender equality.