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Swachh Bank Abhiyan

19, Nov 2017 By Gurdeep Singh Ahluwalia

In a nation first, thieves who had dugged a tunnel from a rented shop to the bank locker, will be made as Brand Ambassador for the “Swachh Bank Abhiyan”. All thanks to the hailing efforts put in by the robbers, they deserve a accolade for being adamant on their goal and finally achieving the target.

Currently Indian banks are being blamed every other day for not working with all the best of their ability.

This robbery proves that, the bankers are being blamed in a very wrong manner, as it proves that how sincerely they do work, making it impossible for them to listen to any other voices apart from the customers grievances.

Bank cleaning
Bank cleaning

Corporate sector bosses have already started using the images and news as case study for their new recruits where they put up this case as an best in all situation achievements against all the risk.

Despite the odds of digging a 30 feet tunnel, the robbers did not left their hopes and worked relentlessly for their ultimate goal. It also brings to our eyes that when we say, thieves do not have easy job to do, in-fact this sets a precedent that how hard it is to rob with all the passionate efforts putted in mentally and physically.

some visionary entrepreneurs are planning to start a coaching on “of how to rob a bank”on the levels of IIT’s / IIM’s entrance examinations, so that unemployed youth can take up this as an career and accelerate further in life.

An incubation center is also being planned with the mentors being the robbers for the future acceleration of this noble cause.

This robbers will be soon endorsing the “Swachh Bank Abhiyan” program as an official brand ambassadors.

According to some sources at the south Delhi, they would also be nominated for Padma Shri in the future for their efforts to providing the youth new job opportunities.

Readers are advised to find a shop near to their banks vicinity to carry the legacy of “Swachh Bank Abhiyan”.