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TCS employees ask management, "when company is struggling for just 73% growth, why you are giving us 8% salary hike"

19, Apr 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru. Most of the employees working for India’s number one IT Company, Tau Consultancy Services are upset after hearing the news about the salary hike the company has proposed.

One of the senior engineers working for the leading IT Company spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. He said, “I was having chai with some of my project mates from a roadside chai wala just outside our office gate, when I got the breaking news about our quarterly result as well as salary hike proposed”.

Feeling like crying getting 8% every year
Feeling like crying getting 8% every year

The TCS engineer added, “The immediate question that came to all of us, why the company is giving us such a substantial hike of 8% (as most of us are not close to our manager, we have factored the lower end of the hike) when the company has struggled to have a net profit growth of  just 73%”.

Speaking from his past experience the engineer added, “I am working here for last eight years. I have never complained when management told on account of global recession we would be giving nil hike or some peanut hike. I as well as my friends are accustomed to zero hike and some years when we got a good hike of 4-5%, hikes were given in a staggered manner, some getting in May and some in December”.

“It’s not like that we had to struggle because of no hike or negligible hike. We have adjusted our life styles accordingly, from outlandish “Zodiac” we have moved to more honest looking “Peter England”. From watching movies at multiplexes, now we are purchasing DVDs from road side stalls, that too three movies for less than 100 bucks”, said the TCS engineer.

The engineer added, “The major surprise for most of us is same management is running the company for so many years, not sure what happened to them this time. It’s not only me or my friends, most of the employees we have talked to are upset with this unnecessary splurging management has decided to do on its employees this year. Little bit of cost control on employee cost side, company can have hundred percent growth which is the minimum it needs for survival. A parker pen or a freedom 251 phone on our birthdays would have been good enough for most of us”.

The engineer said, “I heard, our Employees association have given management 2 weeks’ time. Either roll back the hike else all of us will go on strike, we will not do any work at office including net surfing”.