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TCS gives highest hike in last century: A whopping 2.5%

11, Feb 2019 By Aman Rana

7th February, Bangalore: Tata Consultancy Services has broken all records of the last century to give a hike of 2.5% to one of its employees.

जब हार्ट अटॅक लाने की कोशिश भी बेकार रही तो अपनाना पड़ा आत्म-हत्या का रास्ता
Employee in shock seeing such a huge hike

Mr. Manohar from Dumka, Jharkhand has been associated with TCS for the last 63 years. His sons who are pursuing engineering from “Tumse Na Ho Paega Institute of Technology” have also been recruited by TCS and will be joining the company soon to work with their dad.

Manohar is now a Senior Associate Developer at TCS. “In my 63 years of service I have always enjoyed working in this environment specially on weekends because I have no personal life.” – says Manohar.

He plans to continue his service for another 125 years and watch his sons get a 5% hike in front of him. His children are also excited to join the company and be in bench for a good 4 year period.

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