Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

TDP MP in Hitler's look

15, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

For Andhra Pradesh special status TDP MP appears as Hitler. If a political objective is not getting fulfilled, the politicians prefer to change their appearance. They chose to present themselves in the mirror image of either the mythological figures or differently. Can such odd postures bring the desired result?

Our aged democracy gives this option of such kind of protest. Obviously, this style was not limited to our great country but it was acceptable in the whole wide world.

Media coverage becomes eas(y)er through this unique way. It even rejoices the budding citizens of the country. Then how could the women lag behind in taking full amusement from such shows in the Lawn of Parliament?

The Telugu Desam Party’s Member of Parliament, Naramalli Shivaprasad, entered the dome of democracy in the veneer of Adolf Hitler. Wearing the same style of moustache and the collared coat with the swastika sign on his arm he resembled like the German dictator.

He had not desisted himself from coming as Lord Ram, Narad Muni and Sathya Sai Baba in previous days. With his confident face, he protests a rigid attitude of the government in delaying the grant of a special category status to the state. This actor-turned-politician has been stressing upon the central government to remember its promise of granting a special status.

The NDA government’s lack of falling in line with its promise has definitely compelled him to go to that farthest extent. Whether it is diversity in the MP’s semblance or the govt’s inability in granting a special status, his ‘Hitler type’ face was amply portrayed on the small screen and in the news.

Somehow it also exposed those trying to give the impression of the good governance. The BJP was not living up to its promise made in the year 2014, as critics analyse it.