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Techie leaves his car in mall parking lot for ever after he realizes the parking charge has exceeded his car value

15, Sep 2014 By dasu

Bangalore based techie Param Adhikari never forgets to consult his parents for everything he does in his day to day life. For many it might be trivial thing, but he is not shy to ask his mother how much tooth paste he should use while brushing his teeth, whether he should have 6 pieces or 8 pieces of alu paratha during breakfast.

Looking at the dangerous roads in Bangalore, techie’s father advised him to avoid using bike and buy a second hand car. Thanks to a good snap deal he got a 1999 model Wagon R for 80K. After normal use and ‘misuse’ on Bangalore roads filled with potholes, car value depreciated at a pace faster than Congress popularity.

As his car was breaking down more often than Tulasi was breaking down after Mihir left her in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, he wanted to sell it. After putting advertisement on every possible site, the best price he was getting is 10k. Techie’s father was sad to know now a days there is not much value for old stuff. There was no other option for techie other than waiting for his next hike to fulfill his dream of buying a sedan.

One weekend techie took his parents to UB city. After a good fun filled day, when techie went to take out his car from the Parking lot, car did not start. He wanted to come back next day with a mechanic to check the problem. However due to work pressure he could not come back to the Mall for next couple of weeks.

The day he came back to take his car back, to his utter surprise he found the parking charge is 12K! Being a smart engineer, he decided to leave the car there. He could not have found a better dumping yard in Bangalore as every road has signs of ‘no parking’ or ‘no stopping zone’. Traffic police would have called to harass him for fine.

Mall owners who have paid so much is worried to see techies are using their parking lot as dump yard. They are planning to come up with a new rule to stop entry of vehicles that are more than 6 years old.