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Teenage boy arrested and charged under narcotics act after he was caught licking Maggi tastemaker

11, Jul 2015 By ankush3

A 17 year old boy named Vikas was caught  licking maggi masala in Ghaziabad by police. The boy now is in police custody and will probably be charged under narcotics act as Maggi is banned in the country. Police also confirmed that cases related to illegal consumption of maggi are increasing day by day all over India and this is there first solid achievement in the process of making India Maggi-free.

Now a history and part of addiction

Police constable told our reporters: “Around 10 Pm in night, we got a call from an unknown source in which the caller mentioned that there is some activity going behind Dayanand Park. As soon we got the information, we created a special task force and headed to the site location. Tracking the exact location was not difficult as we got smell of maggi being cooked  and we just followed the aroma. As soon as we reached the location, the kids saw us and started panicking. Out of 5, 3 ran away and we got hold of one kid as his head  was down licking maggi tastemaker. Apparently he didn’t see us a first place. We found  a lot of banned food material which includes 6 packets of maggi masala noddles, 3 packets of maggi aata noodles and 17 extra taste maker sachet. The 5th kid was left free as he was found clean, eating knorr soupy noodles and Coca Cola.”

Meanwhile, parents of the convicted are trying to find out means to get their son out of narcotics act at least. However Our reporter carried out some investigation voluntarily in which they found out that Vikas’s neighbor Mr. Trivedi was the one who called the police that night. Resident of locality confirmed that Mr Trivedi was not happy when Vikas outscored his daughter in 12 board CBSE Exams.