'Thain Thain' has become the most convincing sound after 'Mitron' and 'Hello frands, chai peelo'

23, Oct 2018 By iam__Abhijeet

UP cop video scares off criminals in the encounter has taken the country by storm. ‘Thain Thain’ has become the most convincing sound after “Mitron” and ‘Hello frands, chai peelo’.

अखियों से गोली मार सकते हैं तो मुँह से क्यूँ नहीं
अखियों से गोली मार सकते हैं तो मुँह से क्यूँ नहीं!

Following the incident, a senior officer at the Indian Army said: “They are planning for the next surgical strike shouting gunfire sound”. However, He dint revealed much information but said that soldiers are getting trained by Anu Malik with his soulful cacophony which is more than enough to knock down the foe physically and psychologically.

Post-hearing of blackbuck case in session court when contacted for reactions, Dabangg cop Chulbul Pandey said: “I realize today that gun sound could also kill someone, besides firing a gun and running car”. While Singham said “Singham 3 would be challenging in the sense that he would have to spit Vimal every time to shout ‘thain thain’. He added that brand Vicks has also approached him for a contract but it’s too late to forgo the addiction. Singham has reported having twenty-five years of long association with Vimal.

News of Kim Jong-un threatening the US has also surfaced for 35 times in the last 3 months claiming that North Korea could instantly wipe out the US mainland shouting ‘thain thain’. While Trump reacted with his quirky smiley.

Einstein once said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought”, but now this mystery unraveled.