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Thursday lobby says, "Only Thursdays are the best, Mondays are the worst"

13, Jan 2018 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: Today,Thursday lobby has vehemently reaffirmed the innate supremacy of Thursdays while reprimanding other days. The Thursday lobby condemned the Mondays and blamed Mondays for the gloom they cause universally. The Thursday lobby was talking to press conference in Mumbai on Thursday.joey-friends-shocked-face-theory

Thursday lobby’s spokesperson told to local reporters, “Mondays are the worst. See those horrendous Monday motivational quotes. Those are the most anti-people quotes one could create. What exactly is the purpose of Monday motivational quotes? Those quotes are anti-farmer, misogynistic, anti-poor, anti-gay and anti-Not-gay-people. The Thursday lobby condemns the Monday motivational quotes in strongest possible words.”

Blaming the Mondays for existence of patriarchy, the spokesperson of Thursday lobby continued, ” The Mondays’ lobby is responsible for many historic mistakes. This is the most ill informed and ignorant lobby that has sidelined the progressive agenda of New India. The new India needs the Thursday Lobby’s vision and mission.”

The staunch supporter of Thursday lobby continued with sharpness in voice, ” Look at Thursday. What a beautiful day it is! Everyone feels so liberal on Thursday. We all feel so progressive on Thursday. Nobody is homophobic on Thursdays and nobody hunts down poor people on Thursdays. What we all need is all other days to be converted into full-fledged Thursdays.”

Meanwhile, The Thursday lobby has refused to comment on Sundays and Saturdays.