Train runs without engine

09, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Though robots were said to be performing the human’s acts quite ably, it was not a feat produced by these mechanised humans.These things can do no mistake but humans cannot escape from error.

It was a bit uncomfortable, somewhat insecure and undeniably operational fault. It might be said that such type of occurrence was infrequent.

The good part of it was that none was injured in that human mistakenness.  A timely action had saved the passengers who were boarding the passenger train.

Most of us had travelled in a train pulled out by the engine. It was beyond your understanding that a train could move on the track without its engine. This could be necessarily an impractical thought.

But what we had lately learnt of a passenger train was something unusual. It anyhow covered a lengthy distance of as many as 10 kilometres without its engine, a vital part. This was surely not happened under any magical impact.

But it was all the more a big reality. It under every circumstance felt unpleasant.

The Ahmedabad-Puri Express was standing at Titlagarh station, around 380 Kms away from Bhubaneswar in Orissa, when it started moving at about 10 in the night of April 7.

It had begun moving without its engine because of non-application of the skid brakes. Alert staff put stones on the railway tracks to bring the moving train to the protected halt.

The engine had earlier been detached from the coaches. The engine was to be attached to another end of the train but supposed to have remained detached when the train left the station.

It was also made known that the section from Titlagarh station towards Kesinga had a downward slope. The coaches moved towards Kesinga, an area near to the station when the engine was detached for linking to the train’s other end.