Sunday, 21st July, 2019

Transporters arrange emergency meeting with Kejriwal after their strike fails to capture headlines

30, Jul 2018 By vinamrkediagmail-com

The strike called by the All India Motor Transport Congress entered its eighth day today, even as newspapers and news channels are busy reporting on Pakistan’s elections. In light of the media boycott, the association has turned to Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal to guide them on how to capture headlines through a strike, in light of the recent sofa protest by the CM at the LG’s premises.

Interestingly, it is reported that the CM’s office had initially declined the meeting. Sources reveal that the official reason given by the office was that they were unwilling to meet any member of the ‘Congress’ citing their ideological differences with the party. It was later clarified to the CM office that the All India Motor Transport Congress and the Indian National Congress are two different entities with no relation whatsoever, after which the CM office readily agreed to the meeting.

Meanwhile, the silence from the government over the issue has industrialists and traders baffled. An upset trader from Delhi was reportedly highly disappointed with the silence from the media and the government. “I could have planned a vacation with my family, as we hardly get such an extended lean period, if the government would have clarified in how much time they would solve the transporters’ issues.”, he was quoted as saying.

Now, all eyes are set on tomorrow’s meeting with the Delhi CM, and everyone is hopeful that his antics might be helpful in resolving the deadlock.