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UN to send peacekeeping force to Tamil Nadu to control Thala Thalapathy fans fight

24, Jan 2018 By sachu

Chennai/New York: The United Nations security council passed the resolution unanimously to send peacekeeping troops to the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu to douse the fire between the fans of Thala and Thalapathy (the head and the general). In this regard the security council arranged an immediate meeting to look on to this issue. Which is far more important  than the civil wars taking place in Syria and Yemen.

A new achievement of Modi govt
A new achievement of Modi govt

Talking to our correspondent Mr Murugan said “it is the more important issue in tamilnadu. Who care for petrol and Diesel price hike or GST” Murugan exclaimed.

Earlier fearing that the issue soon become a civil war in the state Chief Minister Katpadi Munichami urged Union Home minister to send Karni Sena to the state to maintain law and order which he denied siting they are busy with the new movie release of  Padmavat.

But the two heroes remained in utter silence on this issue as they  know they maintain friendship personally and their fans are the most peace loving and responsible citizens in the state.

In this situation Mr Donald Trump urged the UN to look on this issue as most important which require immediate action. As the real war is taking place in social media, Fakebook CEO Mr Zuckerman will also accompany the UN mission to teach the fans how to use it properly and peacefully.