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UNESCO declares Sion (Mumbai) Pothole as World Heritage Site, BMC Commissioner felicitated

02, Aug 2017 By FakingAD

In something of a first anywhere in the world, UNESCO has declared the pothole in Sion (Mumbai) as a World Heritage Site. Believed to be formed in the early 1940’s, it has been a part of the lives of Mumbai people ever since. Now, it is being officially recognised on the world stage, only because of the significant (cost cutting) efforts of the BMC.

Meanwhile, hoardings across Mumbai, cutting across party lines, congratulating the BMC Commissioner could be seen. The Commissioner of BMC has been felicitated in a function held at Wankhede Stadium yesterday in the presence of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.

A well preserved world heritage site by BMC
A well preserved world heritage site by BMC

The official award ceremony of UNESCO would be held in late August according to reports in Switzerland. A large delegation from BMC (also consisting of retired employees) are expected to attend the ceremony.

Archeological Survey of India, which is in-charge of such heritage sites has sent a delegation to Mumbai to confirm dimensions and is in the process of making a documentary.

To add to further good news for BMC, Guinness Book is likely to declare the pothole as the most visited World Heritage Site in its 2018 edition. Our sources reveal that the previous record held by Taj Mahal is going to be destroyed.

Another 25 potholes across Mumbai have crossed the 30 year mark. “It is only a matter of time when more such World Heritage Sites would be recognised in Mumbai. It is our long term vision to provide a World Heritage Site in every locality”, said the beaming BMC Commissioner.