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UPSC topper's book list to be included in the 8th schedule of the constitution, center moves amendment

05, May 2018 By silentsardar

The Central government had moved an amendment to the 7th schedule of the constitution in the lower house, the amendment seeks to include UPSC topper book list in the schedule. A senior official of the law ministry on the condition of anonymity, revealed that in order to counter the growing criticism of the government that it has not done enough to curb the influence of coaching centers in the UPSC exam the government has planned this move.

The people have now realized that self-study is not yielding any results and the coaching centers charge heavy fess rendering poor students with no option, but to give up on their dreams. The senior official told our correspondent that the if the government takes any action on coaching centers, the GDP of India would fall by at least 2%.

However, Chhotu lal who has been preparing for UPSC said much like everything else this too is only air talks, as if people are actually going to read all those books, he exclaimed that even the authors like laxmikanth wud find it hard to remember all that they have written in the book, he said, “Ye sab toppers YouTube channel pe video banate hai aur kehte hai self study kari thi maine in books se” everyone knows that it’s long hours in coaching centers they spend that makes them remember all this, but nobody accepts it.