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Vijaykanth, Arvind Kejriwal and Deadpool apply for DD captaincy

22, May 2018 By hary

Ever since Gautam Gambhir, the last known decent gentleman of IPL stepped down as the captain of Delhi Daredevils in IPL2018, there has been speculation on who will don the leader role. Lets take a look at the nominations so far.

Tamil Nadu’s GAPTAN Vijaykanth:

Tamil Nadu’s occasional politician slash meme creator’s paradise slash yesteryear bbbowerful sidekick actor – Vijayakanth has applied for this post. Affectionately called as GAPTAN among his followers, the man heard the word CAPTAIN and immediately applied for the post. Once selected, he promises to offer fielding and bowling to his followers while he will take all the batting as he is known for taking hard on the brickbats.

Arvind Kejriwal to rescue:

. Next is the darling of Delhi – Arvind Kejriwal who was advised by his ZERO cabinet team to apply this post as he was anyways powerless as a CM. The current CM claims his posting is similar to Gambhir but he is known to excel better than him as has enough experience of throwing out people around him thereby making all chaotic decisions by himself. Arvind is considered to be one of the most serious contenders for this post.

Deadpool applies:

The last in line to apply for the captain post is Deadpool as he thought Delhi is already dead without a powerful CM, IPL captain and smog. So he remember that old school saying “Carpi Diem” and thought what the heck, let me apply it anyways… its just like Marvel Universe where everybody waits for their scene, so let me do it for the heck of it.