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Virat breaks up with Anushka for Khaleesi

04, May 2017 By varun chopra

Hot gossip broke out last night in an after IPL party event where the Delhi boy Virat Kohli, the king of the hook shot hooked up with the queen of dragons from the worldwide famous show Game of thrones.

He was dancing on Badshah’s new Punjabi song with Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh showing off his dragon tattoo after having fire shots.

When Virat realised his mistake
When Virat realised his mistake

Khaleesi, who was observing them carefully, got impressed and met Virat to congratulate him for his blistering moves on the ground and on the stage.

The Delhi boy could not afford to miss the opportunity and asked her out for a dinner at his place with Anushka Sharma. Khaleesi had no problem, she knew when to play her cards and wore her most revealing clothes ever.

The scene from Ae Dil hai Mushkil got repeated with Virat playing Ranbir’s Role and totally confused between the real and fantasy world.

Virat, after a depressing performance by RCB, was offered the role of an angry bloody abuser-lover by Khaleesi for her new poetic role on the big screen in the upcoming movie with Star World. She became the savior and Virat could not deny the offer. On the other hand, Anushka got angry with Virat entering into Hollywood before she could. Things got heated up more when vanilla ice cream fell on Khaleesi’s neck and due to the lack of tissue paper, Virat finished it off in style.

In the heat of the moment, they came close and kissed.

Suddenly, 2 dragons came flying from the sky to pick Khaleesi and Virat for their honeymoon travel to Croatia.

Anushka Fainted on the spot!