Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Was it reasonable enough?

13, May 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Was it reasonable enough? No, not it can never be.That was sheer laxity and carelessness. When the matter came to light, the stringent necessary action was taken timely.

Male, female candidates’ medical for police job was conducted in same space which definitely portrays lapse and laxity. Not only were this but the male candidates’ castes were also stamped on their chests during the physical tests. This segregation was done on the basis of the caste to avoid any kind of confusion.

Where does that odd situation leave aspirants when there remains a certain level of lapse and lack of expectation? It stands to beyond basic principle that this is not an accepted and healthy process.

An unpleasant reflection of negligence and inattention was noticed flouting commonly defined imperative. In fact, some may question the wrongness of these uneasy and uncomforting circumstances for the candidates appearing for the fitness tests. Warning, suspension and enquiry have been initiated.

Could these be sufficient for the lapses and laxities? A total of 18 female and 21 male candidates were examined. As many as 217 male and female candidates were admitted for the police jobs and the compulsory medical tests were being conducted in that connection. The male applicants were lined up without their undergarments. Their chest and height were measured in the same room where female candidates were also examined.

There was not present the lady doctors and the nurses, reports pointed out. The physical or medical tests for both the male and the female candidates were found to be carried out in the same room of the biggest government clinic in Bhind district.

Discipline is the first standard for the police service at all. However, this much-defined regulation seemed to have not been put aside in the conscription procedures of the constables in Madhya Pradesh police.