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Watching Yoga videos is not part of celebration to Yoga day says AICTE advisory to engineering students

04, Jul 2018 By rofl gujju

New Delhi: Media widely covered the news that Railway issue advisory to own staff to do yoga, Ministry of health to Hospitals etc. But the top sources of faking news get information that AICTE, the Engineering education regulator prepared a special draft of advisory that likely to release tomorrow.

As per sources, Advisory says that- Yoga day celebration mean to practice yoga and to watch yoga video. Watching yoga videos is not part o the yoga day celebration. A top official of the HRD ministry gives an interview to faking news with the condition to keep identity anonymous and here it is.shilpa shetty yoga

Pagal Patrakar – PP – Editor in chief of Faking news HRD official – officer

PP – sir, 1st tell me why AICTE need to issue such advisory? Officer- Look PP, the Previous year we spend lakh of money on the yoga day celebration preparation but it all went waste as none engineering student comes to the ground as all celebrate that in their rooms.

PP- Please elaborate details how this happened? officer – well then, Student celebrated yoga days by watching videos of the Shilpa Shetty, Bipasa basu etc.

PP- Whats wrong in that? Even I learned yoga by watching these videos. officer – Dear PP, These engineering students officially says so in written a reply to dean’s latter of Showcase notice, otherwise, I know that what they watched to celebrate yoga.

PP- In that case, please tell us which secrete you know Officer- They watched the “Yoga pant” videos category on those websites…You understand na those website….woh wali…

PP- Ya Ya …You mean Brazz** and Na*** America, right? Officer – Yes!

PP- Even so what is wrong in that? It’s quite natural for the young student to watch that officer- PP nothing wrong in that but 21st June yoga day celebration is a symbolic celebration to do exercise to maintain health.

PP- But why there is so much emphasize on yoga, Sports can be a good way to keep health in good…why not so much attention to that? Officer- Yoga is less about exercise and more about habit to wake up engineering student at 7 am otherwise their morning happen when the sun set down.

Later the officer gets angry and left interview incomplete. But our faking news sources say that govt also issue advisory to shut down all wifi of college campus for the Morning hours of yoga day so students of engineering can not watch yoga videos.