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With WhatsApp down for an hour, student finishes all readings, ever

08, Nov 2017 By Janardhan Pashupati

BANGALORE (THE REAL FAKE NEWS)- Saying “I never noticed how much time there was”, 2nd year law student Avanti Sharma today finished all the readings that would be covered in the current trimester and next for all her 8 courses.

Sharing her sad story with her bestfriend
Avanti sharing her sad story with her bestfriend

“WhatsApp was down, so I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it for about ten minutes. Then I just gave up and looked around, and realised I had all this material available at the library and online sources, and I started browsing some of it and it was pretty interesting” she said.

Soon, she had finished all her assigned readings and the books in the library, and had moved on the archives of law journals in the database. Without the constant buzzing and ticking sound, and the worry over whether a message was sent or not, she said she could “just relax and kind of focus much better.” By the end of half an hour, she had a whole new outlook to life and was planning her trip to International Court of Justice, where she had been asked to become a permanent judge.

Catching up with her a few hours later, we asked her to teach us something of what she had learned. Her head bowed and her eyes on the phone, she mumbled, “something about property….there’s equity in there…crime was a big theme” before wandering off, narrowly avoiding a pillar, 2 dogs and 3 cheese maggis.