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WikiLeaks claims Censor Board behind RSS decision to put on pants in place of shorts

15, Mar 2016 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Nagpur. In a striking revelation, the international journalistic organisation WikiLeaks has claimed that RSS’s recent decision to tweak their uniform which will now feature brown trousers in place of the trademark khaki shorts was actually a brainchild of the Censor Board.

In an online post that went viral in a matter of hours, WikiLeaks disclosed that though the RSS claimed the reason for the change in dress code to be an attempt to adapt to changing times, the real cause behind the development was that the Censor Board was not happy since some time with all the leg show that the shorts starkly permitted.

Now no more checking length while taking oath.
Now no more checking the length of Chaddi while taking oath.

“How could we allow such nudity to parade around in bright daylight? Our purview is not limited to on-screen cinema. Real-life cinema is our fundamental duty too. And so we have come up with this novel idea”, an official of the Board was quoted on the WikiLeaks website, as addressing the Swayamsevaks in a covert, high-profile meeting.

Describing the difficulty associated with the decision, another Censor Board official was quoted.

“We were opting for a long, flowing dhoti first. But then we thought what if the winds of change blew a bit too fast. So we stuck to trousers.”

The website also cited an incident from the meeting where a few RSS members seemed miffed by the over-prudent behavior of the Censor Board. But soon they were pacified with a brilliant argument put forward by a Board member.

“We have retained the khaki shade, despite the fact that it is very close to the colour of the skin. So we are, in no form, being inhumanely stringent.”