Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

Will bring policy to waive off corporate loans like we did for farmers: BJP

19, Feb 2018 By AdityaSachan

As country was about to forget Vijay Mallaya, the recent case of Nirav Modi has given new unimaginable targets on how far and how big a person can go to get loan from bank. With more than 11,300 crore on fraudulent transactions, people are clueless on how government will tackle this.

‘We have been getting many requests from well esteemed people like Vijay Mallaya, Lalit Modi and now Nirav Modi to also help them by waiving of their loans like we did for farmers in various states. And we are thinking about it.’, comments BJP’s fifth spokesperson.

‘Poor farmers take loans and are unable to pay small amounts like 20,000 rupees due to loss in crops. And then we waive off their loans. However we cannot continue to discriminate against rich people just because their loan amount is ‘little high’. Can we? Hence we will bring policy to waive off corporate loans every year. Thsi way we can save all the trouble for them. The rich people take loans, then do not pay, then run away to other country and it creates ‘breaking news’ for the entire nation. Instead of all this drama, we will simply waive off their loans, so they can stay in country and work for ‘building the nation’. We also don’t want to disturb common people with such pity issues. It is more important they focus on Taimur Ali Khan and other similar things’, explains BJPs ninth spokesperson.

When asked how we the losses will be recovered once they waive off both farmer and corporate loans.

‘Our finance minister will work with his team to bring ‘Corporate Kalyan Cess’ of 5% just like government did previously Krishi Kalyan cess and Swacch Bharat Cess. We are also thinking of new ways to tax people, many say that we have exhausted all the mediums to tax people. But we believe the ‘intelligent and hard-working’ government will find new ways to bring more taxes’, comments Mr. Fraudwala.