Will recover lost money by putting fine on common people like SBI, confirms PNB.

01, Mar 2018 By AdityaSachan

As CBI and other investigating authorities reveal and discover the 11,300 crore rupees scam done by Nirav Modi with PNB Bank. The bank has made huge loss and a cause of extreme worry. However some ‘honest’ bank experts said, it is not a reason for worry.

Respective State Police has requested people to alert their helpline if they spot any Engineer standing in queue outside Bank or ATM, after 8th of every month.
People in queue to pay-off the debt of Nirav Modi

“Remember Vijay Mallaya? And how he cheated SBI for thousands of crores and fled to London. The bank was worried, and then started putting minimum balance charges on poor people and soon recovered all the money. The same method can be used by Punjab National Bank and soon all the money will be recovered”, says Mr. Fraudwala Banker.

When asked that the amount of money is much bigger, Mr. Fraudwala explained further.

“I understand your common people brain thinks 11,300 crore is huge amount and cannot be recovered. However you must understand we have more than 120 crore fools to take care of it. PNB can put multiple new fines such as classic minimum balance fine, fine for checking account balance, fine for withdrawing money, fine for taking loan and fine for not taking loan too. Then fine for calling them or visiting the bank. It is very easy’, explained Mr. Fraudwala.

‘Some people will say this is unethical, and banks let rich people default thousands of crores while trouble poor for not maintaining minimum balance, or not returning loan for 5000 rupees. But this is not wrong. A person must be punished for not being rich, for being honest and pay taxes. It will teach people lessons of life’, says another banker.