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XCS closing down lucknow Operations to open an MNG - Multi National Gaushala

16, Jul 2017 By ullu da

In a recent turn of events happening in glorious IT industry, Indian IT top employer company XCS has initiated a strategic move to suit the current religious-political agenda of this country.

As an initiative, through this move, XCS has chosen to close its world class center in Sri Sri 108 Yogi Ji state’s capital Lucknow for HOOMAN resources and re-modifying it for four legged resources.

Don’t get confused, they are not getting started with hiring dogs as they had already had the same situation with trained private hooman resources. They are going to reopen for our national religious animal “COW”. As lots of hooman are already getting lynched in open for hurting religious sentiments related to COW, seeing that XCS move is getting applauded in all the leading media houses for saving the COW (hoomans are meant to die for their karma as suggested by hindu religion).

During office hours: Going to office Gaushala
During office hours: Going to office Gaushala

Already our country’s strongest competitor Gujarat has started tagging COW with AADHAR. To beat that, XCS has moved one step ahead under their “Go DIGITAL” theme and started assigning employee ID to all the stray cows roaming in the state capital and ordered them through their official freeware mail software to report on office Monday strictly by 9:00 am sharp. One can observe future XCS employed tagged with a sticky yellow notes with number written over it. If you find one XCS I-Card, do return to the XCS lucknow reception desk immediately. One can be slaughtered in absence of that.

Also XCS canteen tender has been assigned to Gejas Yadav, a Xth fail cricketer turned politician looking at his father’s background in famous fodder scam. All XCS employees will be getting fresh green fodder in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also security contract for the office has been assigned to XSS group which is known in India for saving all the hoomans from not getting lynched in public by launching GAURAKSHA Propaganda. One can spot them moving around in premised in short skirts here and there.

XCS is counting on your support to ” Moo High and Moo Slow” to make FY18 a truly transformational year for XCS.