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Yami Gautam to be honored with Bharatratna for being fairest lady in India

06, Mar 2017 By akintoshov

Americans are now termed brown ones after all of Indians have turned fair after use of fair and lovely and fair and handsome. In recognizing the herculean efforts taken by Yami Gautam in eradication of dark colour of Indian skin Government of India has decided to award her with Bharat Ratna.

Aaila! Bharat Ratna?
Aaila! Bharat Ratna?

Speaking on occasion senior government official stated, “Amitabh Bachchan helped a lot in eradicating polio from India, but work of Yami Gautam easily outflanks that of Amitabhji. Polio wasn’t, isn’t and won’t be the major bottleneck in growth of nation but brown skin surely is. Fair white tone will help people get lot of jobs. Take the case of Yami Gautam because of her fair complexion she has lot more offers to work in films than Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra not only in India but also in abroad. Also look at all the accolades she wins in every film festival last time in reputed award show she won ‘Worst yet Fairest Assistant Actress in a most meaningless role in a comedy film’, she was also nominated for ‘Worst yet Fairest Assistant Actress in a most meaningless role in a worst ever film’ and ‘Worst yet Fairest Assistant Actress in a most meaningless role in a drama film’ , she was also nominated for Oscar but lost to Emma Stone just because Emma Stone was bit fairer than Yami Gautam they had to use very advanced instrument called Fair And Lovely fairness meter to precisely measure who was fairer than other.”

Speaking on occasion Yami Gautam said, “I am very elated that I am being conferred with highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. People give credit to their Mom and Dad but I will give entire credit to Fair and Lovely. Pehle main bahut hi kaali thi, sab mujhe kaali-kaali bulaate the, main bahut nervous ho gayi thi. But then my distant aunt recommended this cream.” Then pointing on the extremely cutting edge instrument called ‘Fair and Lovely fairness meter’ she further added, “Bus 10 din mein mera nikhaar yahan se yahaan tak pahunchaa.”

Meanwhile spokesperson of Nobel committee in a press conference declared, “Yami Gautam’s efforts in uplifting lives of so many Indians by making them Fair cannot be undermined. So she is also nominated for Nobel in Peace category.”