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Year-end sales target leads Company to moon!

20, Feb 2018 By abhinav

Year ending sales target are very common and all the companies become hyper active during this time. In fact March can be termed as the holiest month for companies. Sales people start their pilgrimage towards the target which ends on 31st march. In the midst of all these, we also spotted a sales man called Rocket Kumar dressed like an astronaut. Sales target can really drive people crazy, but this was one step ahead. Why to cover up yourself, that too in a hot month like March!

Bankrupt man after gambling

As per our secret sources, Rocket Kumar works in Aegon life. Rocket Kumar is very talented who achieves 100% of his targets every month. Last year, he won an all paid trip to Ulhasnagar. He was able to buy a lot of stuff with made in USA (Ulhasnagar) tag and flaunt it in front of his friends. All and all it was a dream trip for him. But this year seems to be different. With increasing hunters (life insurance companies) and decreasing tigers (customers getting extinct!!! 🙂 , situation is completely different. Forget Ulhasnagar, if Rocket Kumar manages to even win a trip to Dombivali, it will be a rcord.

One of our trusted internal source from Aegon life has informed that Rocket Kumar and his company is done with earth and is planning something big. They are planning to sell insurance on moon. What!!??? Yes. With land prices already sky rocketing in metros and government curbing black money, people nowadays are looking to buy land on other planets (Like Moon or may be Mars!). They want to make those planets beautiful, as they did with earth. Aegon was smart enough to figure it out and wants to be the first one to insure people on moon. That’s why, Aegon has chosen their best salesman Rocket Kumar to do the job. Rocket Kumar is very excited. He’ll be launched on a specially designed rocket by Sivakasi fireworks. The launch is scheduled to take place from Bay Sahara city next week. Looks they want to release tension out of peoples mind. Aegon has also asked ISRO if they have any extra satellites to launch. May be Rocket Kumar can help with that too. More details awaited…….